Location Based VR – a unique experience for your guests

Offering an unforgettable experience at your venue? Location Based VR is a new and popular VR experience where you can walk around freely. No technical knowledge required, we can implement it full service!

A VR experience customized for your location

Differentiate yourself with VR. Location Based VR lets your guests move freely in a VR world, with each other. Offer VR lasertag for action, have them work together in a hamburger restaurant or develop a customized VR experience with us. It’s all possible.

Why VR?

  • Create a “wow” effect with guests
  • Match your venue, in terms of space and/or theme
  • Healthy ROI

Offering the latest VR technology and games without prior knowledge?

VR Netherlands is has your back. Together we will look at the possibilities for your location and support you on the technical side. After implementation, games can be easily started and supervised by staff.

Location Based VR - Cops vs Robbers

Offering VR without a large investment

Take advantage of 1 of our packages and start offering VR carefree.

  • Fully covered hardware lease with replacement service
  • Pay extra only for the games you’ve played
  • Assistance with implementation

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