Operational Lease

Reduce your investment and be assured of the latest hardware! If you start with VR, AR or MR you will eventually need to upgrade your equipment – this can cause unexpected expenses. By using Operational Lease from VR Netherlands you reduce your investment and are assured that you always have the latest hardware at your disposal, without having to dig deep again!

Why operational lease?

The Extended Reality market (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality) is booming. In the last 10 years, more than 200 Head Mounted Displays, have come on the market. For many of our customers, the hardware is used frequently, so depreciation is faster than for home use.

Chances are, therefore, that over time you will need to purchase new hardware, either because your customers or the market expects you to upgrade, or because your hardware simply needs replacing.

The result: the old hardware is sold, and you pay quite a bit to buy a replacement model, or even worse: the old hardware is completely written off and starts collecting dust.

The benefits of Operational Lease with VR Netherlands:

  • Always access to the latest hardware without having to make another investment
  • No drain on your liquidity: no need for a large initial hardware investment
  • Instant free replacement of hardware when defects occur
  • Access to XR experts; stay abreast of new relevant developments in this turbulent marketplace

Also for other hardware

Sometimes for your XR project/center you will also need other hardware, such as tablets, laptops, PCs, smartphones, routers. We can provide this as well.


– Mid-contract exchange of hardware

– Replacement in case of breakdowns & damages

– Buy the hardware at the end of the term at a reduced price


– Insurance against theft, fire and water damage

– IT support

Combine hardware lease with Location Based VR

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